Nov. Editor’s Letter: Traveling the World Alone

Take Flight!

At 7:56PM and 37,000 feet in the air,  over 3000 miles away from everything and everyone I know.  Traveling alone I am incredibly anxious and excited to get to my final destination and absorb the culture.  Immersing myself in discovery, reflection, diversity, culture and inspiration continue to drive my thirst to travel.  I am often asked why do you travel alone? Are you not afraid?

Quite frankly I absolutely and unapologetically love it.  It’s the only time where it’s my time to learn and experience the World.  It is the most intense form of inspiration personally and professionally.  Global perspective is a powerful tool that can only be understood and embraced through hands on experience.  There is no fear in getting to know and understand the world we live in especially because we have so few limitations so why not?  Quite honestly what is life without the ability to learn and experience other industrialized societies other than your own.

There is extreme joy in boarding a flight not knowing what my experience will be. It is this very feeling that feeds my spirit.  The spirit of a little girl that grew up poor and a child whose parents have never left the US.  Travel allows me to personally grow, and redefine my purpose in this world simply by experiencing new cultures.  Understanding this is the true definition of freedom and lies at the core of my GYPSY Spirit.  When you remove yourself from all things familiar and allow yourself to become open to the adventures that await you, this is when you begin to live and revel in the GYPSY LIFE!