Mission. Vision.

Latisha Daring


A nomadic spirit led by artistic vision inspired to Explore, Create, and Discover, Culture, Art, Music, and Fashion Globally. We migrate to unknown territories in search of artistry and authenticity amongst like-minded artist and visionaries to create a community that elevates, inspires and heightens the consciousness of industrialized societies.


Latisha Daring

With an authentic love for Travel, Fashion, Art, Music, and Food, the decision to mesh a unique hybrid with a Global spin became the new media platform of Global Style Gypsy. After cultivating the concept for over 5 years and having traveled to over 15 countries and 5 continents the goal was to impact the lives of others through Global Style and Cultural Experiences. Latisha has been a trailblazer for over 25 Years and consistently has launched successful national and international projects through global relationships. Having developed a very specific niche in building vision.

Latisha is a dedicated wife and mother with an unrelenting thirst for building a strong and unique Global legacy.