June Editor’s Letter


It’s no secret that we are all obsessed with travel and impulsively travelling just about anywhere in the world is what we do. A true traveler always has a Bucket List as every traveler should. Our Bucket List serves as a road map and each year we try to tackle at least 1-2 locations on the list. This Spring Marrakech was at the top of the list and what an incredible time of year to see Morocco.

When we arrived in Marrakech there was a natural curiousity about the lifestyle and the interest to learn more about the culture and how it so heavily influences fashion and trend.

During our visit we spent time at the monument of YSL at the Jardin de Majorelle.   Morocco was of great influence to Yves Saint Laurent in more ways than one. Yves Saint Laurent had Algerian roots and his connection to Morocco was one of a different time period, a moment in time where Morocco was not as commercial as it is today although it is still quite a special place.


This secret location was a special place of inspiration and love for Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge.What was most intriguing to us was the Berber Museum on the grounds of the Garden.

This museum is the only Berber Museum dedicated to the cultural contributions of the tribe that exists in the world. The Berber tribes always lived as a separate community and were never truly represented favorably or accurately in history. The Museum was riveting. The details, the colors, the ceremonial garb a true depiction of Berber lifestyle. The fashion inspiration was so vivid in how this culture served YSL as a resource for some of his greatest collections.


We were moved by it all and literally could have stayed the entire day analyzing and interpreting the countless trends that the Berbers have influenced. To observe 17-19th Century Berber exhibit that has such relevance today all on the stage of one of the world’s greatest designers. In understanding true inspiration we should always recognize that there never is a direction or a choice only inspiration and what you do with it.


Morocco is and always has been a very special and magical place filled with style, struggle and a colorful history that somehow provides a beautiful melody of peace and creative existence.

Gypsy Latisha