Gypsy Latisha

Gypsy Open Letter

GYPSY is a term I use to describe my Spirit.  Living a life with no boundaries no limits on artistic or experiential expression.   Gypsy Life allows me to explore, and discover magic in distant lands and meet new friends that I will cherish for a lifetime.

Gypsy Life longs for visions of the World filled with the beauty that God has created.


A Gypsy has a stubborn spirit that refuses to live without exploring life culturally.
To fly like a bird inspired by the wind and the seasons is a special and spiritual journey. These journeys and what inspires them drive motivate me daily to seek the life I want to live.

The World is an incredible complicated yet beautiful place full of Global color, culture and rhythms that give each destination magic. My name is Latisha Daring and I AM GYPSY.


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