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1. What inspires you to travel?

My main inspiration and motivation has been my father, who taught me the value of travelling and explore other countries.

My first trip was at the age of 5 when I flew for the first time to Disneyland & Los Angeles…My father always told me that his main heritage for me would be the investment in travel and languages…No matter what you have to see the world to appreciate and learn gratitude for what you have…Till now his support and his own travel experiences inspire me to explore share and travel as long as i can.

2. How many countries/ continents have you visited?
I have visited 4 continents and
over 41 Countries

3. What has been your greatest journey and why?
My greatest journey was definitely Thailand where I had the opportunity to understand and live closer the Buddhism at the thai way after a long roadtrip of 1 month exploring the country from North till south …Tasting different food and participating in traditional ceremonies as I would be one of them..The people i have been meeting in Thailand show me always respect and loyalty …after almost 6 years travelling to Thailand i met people who work at the street stands,others working in the travel market and others at the fashion industry as well as me…From all of them I learned the most important thing in life that is ..”Be in peace with yourself and be happy with what you have”..”Gratitude first”..I create a strong relationship to them..Thanks to their lifestyle i learned a new way to find the meaning of life…

4. What has been your greatest lesson learned while in absorbing another culture?
My greatest lesson was to see how happy you can make another people with tiny details and respect ..Try to interact with them in their own language and try your best to understand their habits and traditions is lesson number 1 everytime I discover a new culture or country..

Every culture is different but we know we have something in common and that is reaching out for happiness…

5. What is your most coveted possession obtained while traveling?
Country stickers for my luggage , history books, delicious spices and handcrafts spoons or masks.

6. What is the one thing you never travel without?
My camera

7. How often do you travel?
I travel in average 6 till 8 times a year sometimes for a long time like 1 or 2 months sometimes weekend road trips and planed business trips.

8. How do you decide where your next journey will be?
I make a list of the main places i want to visit , then i do a research to see which of them can be the most difficult place to reach …and find the best way to fly over there…I try to plan and check availability of flight tickets and hotels 6 months before the trip will gonna begin and always supporting my curiosity with the suggestions of tripadvisor and travelblogs from other Gypsys around the world.

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