Trinidad and Tobago The Biggest Party in the World Gypsy Travels

My very first visit to the Island of Trinidad and Tobago was in 1988 at age 11.  It was my very first journey out of the country.  I was a child who lived in NYC my entire life, playing in front of my building and not allowed to be outdoors once the sun set and the street lights went on.  I really had no idea what travelling to another country was like and how it would change my life forever.   I was sent to Trinidad for the Summer of 88 and spent an entire month immersed in the culture, the people and the way of life.  Having my first bite of a Mango and being kissed by the sun every day as we played on the hill in Tobago.   Experiencing my first crush and falling absolutely in love with the accent of Trini’s and the Caribbean English that I tried hard to emulate as a child.

Trinidad Global Style Gypsy
As a World Traveler, it enticed me to go back to Trinidad and Tobago and see if anything was reminiscent of my childhood memories.   The most festive time of year, is during Carnival.  It is the perfect time of year to immerse in the culture that is Trinidad.


The People, the Food, the Music and the spirit that surrounds this celebratory time of year is intense and electric with energy.  During this time the country is able to host people from all over the world for a week of private parties and festivities to celebrate.

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Historically influenced by African Heritage from the Music to the Costumes, Masks and Feathers to African drum beats that are prevalent in Soca music.  Carnival evokes an overall spiritual feeling. It is freeing vibe, an intense spirituality that is based on a euphoric state of unity, During Carnival time you are to be stress free and full of ultimate joy and happiness.

Trinidad and Tobago The Biggest Party in the World Gypsy Travels

Carnival has been a part of Trinidad’s history since 1785 by French settlers, slaves were banned from the masked balls held by the French during carnival time.

Trinidad and Tobago The Biggest Party in the World Gypsy Travels

In 1838 when slavery was abolished, Slaves held their own version of Carnival, which became quite elaborate based the on African traditions they held so dear.   Today Carnival unites people all over the world throughout the Caribbean, and Trinidad and Tobago is the biggest carnival in the world.


It was a must see for the Gypsies and we had a Blast jumping, liming, partying and eating good food with the people.   They say carnival is addictive and now we see why.  Til next year pon da road!!





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