Fabricate Arte Cubano

Fabrica Del Arte F.A.C.

What once was an old olive oil factory is now an incredible modern space quite the hotspot for young Cubans. Art, Music, Theatre, Architecture, Photography, Industrial Design, Graphic Arts, and Cinema, all served up in a cutting-edge space Founded by X Alphonso.  F.A.C is a popular space for young Cuban creatives to express their passions.

X Alphonso is one of Cuba’s most respected fusion musicians and created the space to be on par with venues he’d seen in Europe, mostly in Germany.

Fabricate Arte Cubano

X Alfonso finds that today’s new Cuban generation is made of fusion, like his music, “Cubans today are a mix of Spanish, African, English, French, Chinese… A melting pot that has a lot to offer to the pages of history.” What interests X Alfonso about Cuba is the people, the people in the streets and the generations of young artists putting their art out there. “I’m basically working with street talent, and I try to show that Havana and Cuba have a whole lot to offer, like every country. It goes far beyond a simple performance.

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Fabrica Del Arte gives Cubans a meeting-place where the best of the island’s avant-garde arts can be enjoyed, with all the artistic manifestations under the same roof and with prices making it accessible to the majority of Cubans a place where everyone is an artist. A musician is just as valuable as a person making a living fixing coffee makers… We Cubans carry art around inside of us.’

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F.A.C. Is nestled in the neighborhood  of Vedado on the corner of Calle 26 and Calle 11.  Open Thursday thru Sunday Entrance is CUC 2 or 50 Cuban Pesos. Note that when you enter you are given a card on which your food and drinks are marked on—you pay on the way out. Don’t lose the card, it will cost you CUC 30!

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