Peruvian Vegan Bites At Greens

When you are a Vegan that loves to travel as well as indulge in cultural delicacies having 3 square meals with food restrictions is quite the feat.  Heading to Peru I knew I had to dig deep for my will power to stay true to my diet.  In my former dietary life I was obsessed with Peruvian Ceviche, so to be in the country where this cultural delicacy was born and not indulge was tough to say the least.  As always the best interpretation of any culture is through the food and as always its first on our agenda.

My first night in Cusco I wanted to roam around as I often do when setting out to quench my thirst for exploration and discovery.  My taxi driver recommended a restaurant that was all Vegan and I couldn’t wait to see what they had to offer.  Greens restaurant in Cusco in the city square was nestled on a side street up a steep set of stairs on the second floor of a shared restaurant space.


An incredibly modern space of all natural wood bright lights made of recycled soda bottles, I could not wait to taste Peruvian Vegan Food.  The menu consisted of what seemed like an assortment of Global Vegan Options that all intrigued me.


Since Quinoa originated in the Andean Region of Peru I chose for an appetizer Quinoa Soup.

My entree was an African curry vegetable dish with Cous Cous and sweet potatoes  that was absolutely delicious.


After filling my belly and topping it off with my green Peruvian cocktail a specialty of Greens, I decided to skip dessert.  The service, environment and the food was all absolutely delicious.

With only 72 hours in this magical land one good meal goes a long way and Greens hit the spot after a long trip.

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