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Editor’s Letter: The Journey of a Thousand Tales

Every Gypsy journey creates an experience that is consistently, culturally and artistically stimulating.   Our vision merely sets the stage for the path in which our Journey’s begin.

This year we decided to start the year off on the Coast.   Water, is known to renew and replenish the spirit.   As free spirits we want to see as much as we can of the world.

This year we will visit 10 countries and we thought the way to start would be to combine nostalgic Havana Cuba, with the Magic of Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago.  Join us on a cultural journey of Style, Culture and Food.


Our Gypsy stories, moments of authentic experience, and time and space to reflect result in incredible memories.    These memories become building blocks to the Gypsy narrative that is Global Style Gypsy.



Latisha Gypsy

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