A Journey: Away From The Noise

Turning on the news or the radio these days is often an emotional rollercoaster.  Our hearts go out to the People, Countries and Communities affected by natural disasters and the families devasted by their impact.

Globally the world is in turmoil, and Stateside we are plagued with consistent gun violence and the prevalent but necessary conversation about race and inequality in America.  Under a new Administration with a clear and blatant agenda, One has to ask how to pursue happiness and fulfillment without living in constant fear of the unknown here at home and abroad.

The daily fight to not be forced to live in fear is the new reality, recognizing that fear can rob you of all of life’s true joy.  Suffocated by the ills that plague America and surrounded constantly by unavoidable dialogue about Violence, Politics, Poverty and Power.  The Gypsy journey becomes even more focused on spaces and places that are away from the noise nestled in both peace and prosperity.

Travel allows me time to gain clarity, Time to be inspired and gain mental strength to deal with all that is going on in the world.   Gypsy Journeys allow me to learn from other cultures and how these Cultures and traditions transcend generations of community.


 Immersing myself in other cultures has become the air I breathe and very much reality for me that I look forward to each in everyday.   IAM GYPSY and my spirit is that of a wanderer, an explorer, a globetrotter and I travel with purpose in search of cultural experiences that will enrich my life and the lives of my family and community.

Follow the Journey this month as we journey to Lima Peru and Roadtrip across state lines to the West Coast to gain perspective and grow fearlessly.


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