The 12th Month

The 12th Month of the Year defines so much personally and professionally. 

December  is the month where our spirit requires stillness and focus in order to grow into the New Year.  In the beginning of the year there were major shifts in our business that we didn’t see coming nor did we expect.  We’ve learned so much this year from the cultures we’ve explored, the experiences and relationships that continue to shape who we are and our view of the World.  We’ve been able to define each journey by the incredibly special people we’ve had the pleasure of meeting along the way and we wouldn’t trade our memories for anything in the World.


Redefining the historical cultural connotation of the word Gypsy one journey at a time, and continuing our plight to truly become Global Citizens one destination at a time.   As our growing empathy becomes overwhelming from a year of extreme turmoil all over the World and here at home.  Our mission becomes clearer and the fear that surrounds the world of Travel is a reality but never a deterrent as we define freedom through our ability to wander.

The Journey that is my Gypsy life is  reflecting on the process, heeding the lessons and preparing myself mentally for what is to be. This all requires stillness within.  December is an essential part of this process as it is the 31 day bridge in the journey to a new beginning or a higher level of elevation in the process.

Join me over the next 31 days as we explore the process of elevated life, self care and new beginnings in our Journey into 2018.

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