May Editor’s Letter: Gypsy Box

We are excited to Bring in the New Month and the New Season with our newest layer to Global Style.  As we evolve and expand we are excited to announce GYPSY BOX a bimonthly subscription box curated especially for you!

GYPSY BOX allows us to share the culture and artisanship  that we discover in every destination on a bi monthly basis.  Curated specifically to give you a live experience of the global and artistic culture unique to that specific country.  


South Africa is the first destination featured in our very first GYPSY BOX.  With a rich history of tradition, culture and struggle there are many stories and incredible artisans that have inspired not only our itinerary but our incredible and authentic experience.

We hope that you enjoy the journey of the GYPSY BOX and we look forward to sharing in your unboxing experiences.

Latisha Daring

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2 Responses

  1. Elle says:

    I got my gypsy box today…and it’s awesome!! I truly appreciate the thought, concept and carefully curated items in the box. I look forward to conintuing to support you in your future endeavors.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you for letting us know how much you love it Elle!

    Send us pics of you wearing your Gypsy goodies!

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