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January Editor’s Letter: 365 days and 12 months

Big Sky
Entering into a New Year and a new defined vision. 365 days and 12 months to make strides, grow exponentially setting sight on new goals, with the consistent vigilance to execute successfully. 2016 was a year of enlightenment in many ways. Personally it was a time of awakening for me, a time that truly tested my ability to be consistent despite odds and belief, a time that taught me to be resilient in my vision and stay true to my character no matter how much it was tested. When you have the ability to see things in a way that is unique only to you and the strength and faith to pursue your vision often times there will be obstacles that can take you off track having your question your abilities. 2016 clearly defined my personal journey, of purpose and intent leaving me questioning how I want to impact the world and although the challenges persist there is a bigger picture beyond what most can see. My world and how I view culture and societal issues and its global impact is a platform that I am extremely passionate about. This passion will continue to fuel the vision that is Global Style Gypsy.

Today’s global cultural realities of Race, Spirituality, and Economics shape our conversations. Our cultural differences, popular opinions and education deeply impact and shape each of our worlds. The impact of Culture and how we are exposed, and influenced forms and shapes the foundation of how we choose to live our lives, and how we embrace others that are different from us. Our World is changing rapidly, the evolution of consciousness, education and exposure is key in our growth as an industrialized society.   Our Mission is deeply rooted in Growth for 2017, Growth in perspective, growth in reach, and the overall growth of the Global Style Gypsy Brand. With so much noise in the world it is key that we remain true to who we are, and what we offer our audience from a Global perspective.

We want to thank all of our readers for joining the journey thus far.   We want you all to continue to be a part of the conversation, the journey and the experiences as we continue to explore. We are grateful to our readers for an incredible Year as we look forward to a tremendous 2017!!! Happy New Year!!!

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