Latisha Daring

Gypsy Summer 2017

June marks the beginning of the Summer season, and as we await for Summer 17 to arrive on the East Coast we are excited to explore domestic and international destinations and design new Gypsy adventures.  It seems like every 60 days there is an internal clock that goes off as a reminder that its time to take flight.  

The Gypsies want to continue to deliver our Gypsy experiences in incredibly new and exciting ways.  This requires a bit of focus, strategy and a very small dose of stillness.  We’ve learned that stillness creates clarity and fuels our creativity.

We have some amazing things planned and we can’t wait to share.  Buckle up as we design a Summer jam packed with 1st time experiences, Incredible vacation destinations, Summer Itinerary tips, New subscription boxes, quality exploration time, and pure summer fun Gypsy Style!

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  1. zozo says:

    you look amazing .

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