Photography by: Jennifer Pallian
Photography by: Jennifer Pallian

Dec. Editor’s Letter: Gypsy Mindset


With all that is happening in the World the only true escape is through the power of Mindset.  As we travel and explore all that life has to offer we often reflect on the fact that none of this would be possible without the right mindset.  The ability to travel, grow culturally and build lifelong friendships across the globe is a blessing and a gift.  Travel is an incredible way to enjoy, live and love life.  To have curiosity about a country or city enough to make a journey happen and experience it first hand is nothing short of amazing.

Mindset is the catalyst that manifests and builds the possibility for it all.  Reflecting on our 2016 journey of 5 Countries and 3 Continents is an unbelievable the ride that we’ve had.


From the hills of the Andes mountains of Chile and the living room of Pablo Neruda, to the 18th Arrondissement in Paris the heart of what was historically known as the Artist Centre, to the Sahara Desert in Morocco, Zip-lining through the hills of Belize and eating our way through Denmark.

We would do it all again and we will.  Join us this month as we celebrate the Holidays, explore Global Holiday spirit, Global Style and the spirit of Global Giving.  We intend to end the year with a BANG as we usher in 2017.  Don’t you?

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