Mexico City

April Editor’s Letter: The City of 16 Boroughs

This Month we will explore the Alpha Global Capital of Mexico AKA City of 16 Boroughs.  Mexico City is the second largest metropolitan area of the Western Hemisphere.  With our extremely ambitious schedule of Gypsetting there are still eight countries left on the list for 2017.

As we continue to check off the list of destinations it’s important to explore countries that don’t require an enormous amount of travel time.  With Belize, Cuba and Chile under our belt, and having visited Cancun and Tulum several times over the past few years, Mexico City seems to be a perfect choice for our next Gypsy destination.

Staying true to our 2017 Coastal strategy of renewal of spirit being near water remains a focus for the Gypsies.  Join us as we set out on our next Gypsy Adventure exploring the history of an empire created by the Aztecs and the Tenochtitlan.

As our Gypsy eyes get lost in the work of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo in their home built of love and art and our Gypsy feet stroll the streets in search of mural art and architectural beauty.

As usual we set out to immerse ourselves in the rich culture and we cannot wait to see it, live it and share it.   Understanding the rich history and economy created from Nationalism, and the Mexican artist migration’s contribution to such a thriving Capital.


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  1. Okizia says:

    I love the classiness of the editorials.

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