Trini Party Life

Trinidad and Tobago during Carnival hosts some of the Worlds biggest parties.   Culture is translated through customs, traditions, food, economics and the people.  Trinidadian culture is rich in spirit and translates into every aspect of life for the people.


Carnival is the biggest party in the world globally in the Caribbean.  Trinidad in particular in the days leading up to the actual Carnival celebration produce world class, entertaining party experiences that are insanely fun, uplifting and leave you wanting more.

From Day parties to Sunset soirees the spectrum of options during Carnival season keeps your itinerary jam packed, your feet and body moving and your soul Soca filled with the Global Beats.


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    I have just come across your blog and have done some reading.
    I like it very much because it is clear, concise and to the point. It is also very unique and grabbing. I look forward to exploring your other stories.

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