August Editor’s Letter

feather -  Erik Stine

Creative spaces and visions fill our head with the ambition and the drive to tackle so much. Yet time only allows 24 hours in a day. Seems like it was just yesterday that we were yearning for sunrays and summer adventures.

Now it’s as if it just stopped by for a brief visit and is collecting its things and is ready to leave us. Time is definitely moving faster, or are we moving faster than time.

Jasmin Causevic

Are we no longer able to take advantage of a moment, an experience or an adventure? It’s almost as if as soon as it happens we have forgotten about its impact and we are on to the next. Sometimes it’s referred to as survival mode the very state that robs us of being able to LIVE.   The search for inspiration is real, but sometimes we search so long and hard we lose the essence of the process.

Baim Hanif Malacca, Malaysia2

This month we will explore what it is to LIVE in the moment how to fight against the forces and truly enjoy your process. We will be staying domestic and exploring states and their creative circles and how they stay connected to the process. America as we know it is changing and we want one last look before that happens.

Join us as we meet Gypsies in some of our favorite cities across the country.

Gypsy Latisha